deep thinking from a high school senior.

I wish I would have..
-done student council freshman, soph and junior year
-signed up for as many clubs in the previous years of HS, as I have senior year
-done more noteworthy service projects
-been a little less shy fresh & soph year
-made more friends with the seniors when I was a soph; they were cool
-taken AP lang jun year
-had a leetle tinsy tiny bit more experience in the relationship department
-known what I know now
-been more studious
-kept playing the violin & piano
-cherished my fam like I do now
-not been such a vegetable in middle school; I can count on one hand the amount of friends I had in 8th grade and even though that was a long time ago, I will never forget that lonesome time
-not been so needy/realized how much I have been blessed with
-been more confident
-worked a little harder in tennis in 6th grade when I first started
-played soccer or softball

Don't get me wrong, I am SO grateful for all that I have accomplished. BUT for those fellow sophies and juniors, here's a little insight on what I wish I could've done. Maybe you can do it better than I!

This school year has almost reached half time and I am in a daze at how fast that went. Next thing you know, I'll be on my way to college! Crazy crazy.

Till next time, mrk.

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  1. what a good post, mrkl. i loved it. totally relating to it. half way. let's make the best. love you.