Barnes & Nobes.

First of all, sorry. I will do a nice long catch up post to fill in the missing 2 1/2 weeks on my blog this weekend. Not that you all care too much, but it's a nice thought.

Anywho, I would just like to say Barnes & Nobes (I know it's Noble; don't think I'm some idiot) is the happiest place on earth. Literally better than Disneyland.

I've always loved reading a good book, in fact, I get pretty obsessed when I find a good book. But lately I've been super busy & haven't been able to find any new goodies. And I really didn't feel like reading the Hunger Games series again.

Here's what happened:
Originally, the plan was to go to the mall and find some black jeans under $30. Yeah, that didn't happen. And also, as a side note, the people at the mall bugged me. But then I got this fantastic thought to go to B & N for an hour or two and see what good reads they have.

By the end of the adventure, I purchased two books. One of which is called The Night Circus, and the other, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. Thanks to the recommendations of Bri Sherwood and Meg Chalms. I'm reading The Night Circus right now and it is genius. I can't even tell you how much I love it. So much imagination and creative word choice in one book, it's getting ridiculous. I better stop myself right now before I bore you all to tears. BUT if you are looking for a good read, try those two and see how you like 'em.

Let me know of any good books. This may sound odd, but good read truly makes me a happier person. I find so much joy in it. Readers unite! Well anyways, I hope I didn't bore you. Catchalater aligators.


  1. Extremely loud and incredibly close is one of my very favorite books! It changed my life.

  2. This is mom but you left your blog open and I can't remember my password to get onto all the blog happenings. I love your blog posts (very cleaver and creative and I want to read your book) AND I LOVE YOU!!

  3. I love you. I can't wait to read those books! Reading is seriously the greatest! You da you da best.