Living the life.

This past week & a half of break has been exceptionally great for many reasons. I am surrounded by the best family, friends and neighbors! And when times get tough, music always pulls through and makes me happy as can be. Truly living the life.

My favorite parts:
-Ventured through the great outdoors with the best of people.
-Found a love for reading & started to read the hunger games series again.
-Stuffed myself silly with food made by my dear mother.
-Hung out with kennedy every day. I love her.
-Planned a college trip with my mama and sister! USU, UVU, SUU, and BYU will all be visited.
-Figured out my life. I know it was pretty crazy, but I really did. That's what these glorious breaks do to you.
-Spent Christmas with everyone at home. I also got a quilt that I love more than any possession I've ever had.
-Got myself some clothes.
-Watched fireworks at midnight in celebration of the new year.
-Knitted lots. My next project is the gaptastic cowl. If you're a knitter, share your projects with me on ravelry.com! I know, I'm a granny.
-Went to We Bought A Zoo, and Sherlock Holmes. All very VERY good.
-Played with my friends.
-Replenished my love for these guys..

-And reignited my love for the great Mumford & Sons..

All-in-all, I just had a grand ol' time! Good riddance 2011, hello 2012! You have potential to be the best year of my life.

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