So.. How are things?

It's funny because, I haven't blogged in about a month. I have been so busy it's ridiculous. Senior week projects consumed everything I ever did! It was so great though. It turned out fantastic. All of the hours of work were worth it!

Monday- NO SCHOOL.

Tuesday- We gave seniors 2012 keychains! We also had senior showoff which rocked everyone's socks. It was wild. Seriously so smooth and all the acts were so great. Also, at the end, Delsy did her annual lip-sync and all the seniors came and danced up there with her! Truly the most memorable moment of my senior year for sure. We had a blast up there.

Wednesday- Early out lunch for seniors. We also had recess games after school! It was definitely a throwback to childhood. Also, a lot of us were extra's in Flyboy's & are pretty much famous now.

Thursday- Senior class & exec made baked goodies to give all of the seniors! We've MADE it, get it? We also had movie night on the practice field and watched "Remember the Titans", it was great.

Friday- Senior assembly went so well! Both assemblies were top notch & so perfect. We tried to make it all about the Class of 2012 & succeeded. It was very sentimental & I feel like the Class of 2012 grew closer during that week! It sounds cheesy but I'm not even kiddin' you. I also painted these babes down there this day; then did 4 top coats saturday so they would last forev. My dad and I made them and both put lots of work into it!

Saturday- My date was Mason Moore. We didn't know each other super well, so it was way fun to get to know him! We had a blast! And probably made fun of Cody Perry more times than we should've. For our day date we played loaded questions at the church & had lunch. Then he picked me up and we took pictures and went to Jared Hurd's for dinner! It was delish. Cody Perry sang to us half of the time, so you can probably guess how funny that was. After that we ventured to Senior Ball at the Cotton Village Barn! It was the best location and had the best decorations out there, thanks to counce. I loved every bit of it. Best dance ever for sure. Also, my projects were the top left & bottom right ones down there; they both turned out great. The bottom right one is all pictures of the seniors from this whole year plastered on painted wood boards.

Till next time, mrk.

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  1. Literally the best week of my life! It was so perfect. I'm sad it's over. Your projects freaking rocked everyone's world. Also you looked lovely at the dance:)