March makes me feel weird.

March makes me feel weird because March means that April is coming and then April means that May is coming and then.. I graduate and have to put on big girl panties. I don't want big girl panties; actually, I hate em! My summer will literally be filled with 4 jobs (dead serious), lots of trips, a couple concerts, quite a few campouts, and I probably won't get much sleep at all. The sleeping part and the 4 jobs part is definitely going to be a problem for me. Ah, but I will have the time of my life and it will be oh so worth it! I cannot wait, I am so antsy about it.

Here's to Class of 2012 who are graduating May 23rd and don't know what to do with themselves. I am far too childish for this grown-up nonsense; and I bet 10 bones that all you other graduating fools are too.  We will unite!

(All of the emotions march brings me can be referred to at the very very end of this post.)

Also, something funny that happened today was that I got my hair done and the first thing my friend Kennedy says is, "You realize you're going to have to do your hair, now that you have bangs." She knows me too well; I really don't do my hair. I wake up, I turn on the tunes, I see the natural curl, I tame the natural curl, I get dressed & I go to school. Simple stuff. Now these bangs, these bangs may complicate things. But I do like them, they are quite dandy.


  1. We are graduating way to fast. It is so bitter sweet. But I figure this new chapter in life will be hard and brand new, but oh so worth it. We will have the time of our lifes. Also I love you and your hair.

  2. It's the weirdest feeling but it's all so fun! P.S. your hair is great