There's an elephant in my head.

-I have TWO WEEKS left of high school. And I don't really know what to think about it. 
-I'm going to Detroit Wednesday-Saturday this week for my dad's business. I hope I meet some interesting people.
-I went to a college ward fireside and it was weird. I felt weird. 
-I have been the most horrible child lately. My parents pretty much hate me. But on the bright side, my mom said this to me today.. "I'm getting more and more excited for you to go up to Logan!" Saying that she used to be super against me going up to USU is an understatement.
-I feel like I am literally following my sister's every footstep in life. We are a lot alike and it's scary. Also, she just graduated from USU a couple day's ago! Holler.
-I keep wishing money would magically find it's way into my savings account so I can actually enjoy myself this summer instead of working like a mad man. 
-I need to convince my father that it is his duty to pay for this trip Kennedy and I are going on. 
-I'm really excited to move. 
-I worked 13 hours yesterday. It sucked. 
-I found my dress/outfit for graduation. It's cute. The best part are the sandals. 
-I wear the ugliest things to bed and I'm not even a bit ashamed.
-Kennedy got her wisdom teeth out and looked like the Godfather. 
-The church is truer than true. I can't say it enough.
-I love when I'm at work and the people are nice! Happy people are the best kind of people. 
-Music is my bff.

Now that you've heard all of that useless information that has nothing to do with anything at all, here's a song. It's definitely in my top 10 right now. 

PS- I got sick of happy as a clam and felt like I needed a change. So I was thinking about a few sayings I love and "life is a song" was one of the firsts I thought up! It's a song by Patrick Park & I'm very happy with the change!

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