Wednesday through Sunday I was in a city called Novi in Michigan. It's very pretty and right next to Detroit. There are endless trees and shrubbery, as well as the cutest homes out there! I really wish there were mountains though. Next time I'm in Michigan I will surely be backpacking through their national park. It's gorgeous! I've only seen pictures of Lake Superior but it looks fantastic. Definitely going on my life list. Also, we passed by Birmingham and it was a beaut.

We pretty much worked the whole time but we did get to see the city quite a bit. We went to the show to work from 8-6 or later, then after that we did whatever! We ate at really yummy places like Maggianos, Brio, and this really good sandwich shop called potbellys! We also ate at TGI Fridays which was good. One night we went to this classy theatre and watch AVENGERS!! I'm officially a fanatic. You can bet your bottom dollar I'm getting myself a t-shirt. We also went shopping. I really hate shopping. My perspectives have definitely changed and I've only been spending my money on things that will be of use in the next 5-10 years. Like my backpacking stuff! And college crud. Anyways, I did get myself a journal. It's green & I love it. I will use it foreva.

Lastly, I'm traveling to different places every weekend this summer so I'll probably be blogging about that a lot. I'm super excited!

(Graduation countdown: 10 days, 4 days and we're out of school. Holler!)

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