Comfort in the salvage way.

This is really just a catch-up post but it should be a goody.

1. Liv's birthday was a blast. We ate at PF, sang to her 5 times because she had lots of cakes and goodies (well the last one she got us to sing her t-swift), talked about the bachelorette, and slept in moo moos.

2. I got a cute new duvet cover on sale for a great price. I also bought my own sheets which was super weird and I felt like an old woman. (Just picture it on a bed with pillows.)

3. This fool (my brother) is almost 15. He can drive and it makes me feel SOO OLD.

4. I got my wisdom teeth out and made a complete fool out of myself. When I finally woke up from a nap and reached sanity, I was told all types of stories. I couldn't remember a thing; at first I was weirded out but after that it was really funny listening to all the nonsense I said/did. I had myself a good time, that's for sure. Don't judge me, I was high but somehow I managed to set up a collage and post to instagram. I don't really know how that happened. That medicine and anesthesia does ridiculous things to me. I would be laughing one minute and be crying the next for absolutely no reason. My friends got a real kick out of it; videos and all. 

I cried when they put the IV in. Judge me, I hate needles. 

Caption on insta: "Wazzup my peolles"

Caption on insta: "Nice people"

Wisdom teeth buddies. 

A little advice: don't go to a party the day after you get your wisdoms out. You'll just end up calling someone to come get you. (I made them smile like this with me.)

5. Mary and I ran through the sprinklers after hitting and before we did a parking lot ladder. It was really great. 

6. I took abbey, madi, mary, and kira camping yesterday at my favorite campsite on planet earth. It was bliss. We went hiking down the river during all hours of the day. Kira and I rock climbed a tiny bit up the cliff. That is a prime rock climbing spot; definitely will go there in the future. At night I made us a great fire because I rock at making fires.  Kira helped me because she's cool; definitely want to do a backpacking trip with this girl. We cooked delicious tinfoil dinners that I made for us and roasted starburst and mallows. We were super hyper at night; we sang, we danced a little, and we talked about boys like your average teenage girls would. When we awoke we went on another hike down yonder and discovered some great scenery. We lived the dream for a solid 24 hours. 

Delicious drink for 79 cents. I love Harmons.

It really is a beauty.

I love my pack. 

Some cows joined us. I like to call them Fred, Pebbles, and Wilma.

I love PV.

Kira really is my favorite.

Felt like a dream.

These cuties.

On our hike.

We were higher than airplanes, but not really.

I pride myself in my fire making skills.

More great scenery. 

I couldn't handle how great it was; smiling from ear-to-ear all the time. Came here for spring break with my sister, bro-in-law and brother and it was just as great.

Just your stereotypical people water photo. I couldn't resist the temptation.

All-in-all I live a pretty good life and I am so thankful for it. 

PS- My birthday is in 9-11 days; I am expecting great things from all of you. Not really but this year I'm changing it to the 30th because I will be in Philly working for the weekend. Just in case you're wondering (hint hint). 


  1. I totally cried when they put my IV in when I got my wisdom teeth out!! Then I fainted haha I don't do well with needles either....looks like your having a awesome summer!

  2. You are hilarious!!! This is mom by the way :). Love your posts and, of course, I LOVE YOU!!