Mrkl is the name, and happy is my game.

I make theme songs for myself on the weekends.

For the past couple days this song has kept me sane. 
(Side note: I can't wait to move up north because I'll be closer to all the happenin' biz in salt lake city, as well as the conveniency of being surrounded by green mountains)
(Side note to the side note: You all best be visiting Call and me)

I didn't go camping last night because I found out Fed was playing Djokovic at 6 AM so I woke up today around 5:55 to watch Federer win 6-3 3-6 6-4 6-3. It was worth it. All my twitter followers hate me though because all I do these days is tweet about tennis. I pretty much only have twitter because it will be funny to read in 10+ years anyways. I'll probably think I'm such a goon.

I've been in the chillest of moods lately. Except for last night, I got a little wild off of that 1/2 tablespoon of sugar in my fruit smoothie. PS - I've been eating so healthy lately and working out and it feels goooood.

Who doesn't love a new summer playlist? I sure do.

Sometimes I go onto iTunes and see if the world has improved their taste of music. First of all: Who the FLAME decided that Pitbull should continue making music? After I saw that his last album was named "Planet Pit" I threw up a little bit. (Sorry, that was rude but if you like him I probably hate you. And I'm only half kidding.)

Pasta Factory is 5 million degrees and I hate working because of it.

I don't even know how life could be much better than where I'm at right now

Ben Sollee's voice makes me want to marry him and his curly locks.

I'M NUMBER 11 ON THE WAITING LIST FOR ECON 1500. I was number 26 so this is wild.

I'm convinced the perfect guy I've made up in my head is nonexistent. I was called cat lady yesterday, I didn't appreciate it but that may or may not be my fate. Except I'd have dogs, not cats. (Call me a drama queen I dare you. These are pure facts.) Also, I found my true love. Unfortunately, he's one of my friends brothers. Don't tell.

I have realized how much I will miss my good friends. They are great people. I have had more time than usual this week to do whatever I please. It's great.

Somehow Kennedy can predict the ending of all movies. Don't ask me how she does it. Divine intuition, maybe.

Sushi makes the world go round. As well as salmon.

July 4th was fun. I felt very patriotic with my red, white & blue attire.

Why does gum have to go out of taste so fast? Answer that one for me, deceiving gum commercials!

Commentators are the most annoying people.

Reading back on this post, I was quite negative. The whole point here was to blog about happy things. Darn. Here are some pictures for good measure:

The man himself.


New Jersey has good sushi. And also really green trees that are beautiful.

I love hammocks. (Please excuse my face.)

My mom is a hottie lamottie with a swimmers body. Literally though. She swims a lot.

Bye wangsters.

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  1. Lets put the worst picture on my blog to make Olivia look bad! haha thanks Mrks. Just kidding. love you!