Wandering mind.

-Yesterday I saw John Baggaley in the front seat of a cop car laughing with the policeman and I was real confused.
-Jef is a charmer and I pretty much love him. His family is so mormon it's ridiculous. Also, Saint George looked beautiful. I was proud.
-"In South Carolina for a couple years doing some stuff." "Charity work." Just say it. THEY'RE ON A MISSION. Whew. That was hard.
-The church is true, broskis.
-Wimbledon is really great. Federer better win. I get pretty obsessed with these grand slams, as many of you have probably figured out.
-There is a bank tube in my car. I don't really understand how.
-I'm an ugly sleeper. Mouth open and everything. Mm, so cute.
-Andrew Bird in August? Yes.
-I hate waiting lists. USU shouldn't admit so many dang freshman because now we've got to fight for these classes. I guess that's how it is everywhere though.
-I wrote this note to Megan Brindley in 2nd grade and spelled everyday, "errday". Pretty much I was destined to be a gangster. I listen to rap music now, didn't you know? (jk) I also went on & on about how I wanted my hair to be curlier. I got what I wanted, my hair has gotten curlier as I've aged.
-I don't know why I am so attracted to curly hair. It's just so hot.
-^ that sounded like I was talking about myself. No. I mean't on men!
-I've been fishing, camping, and hiking quite a bit lately and it makes my heart happy.
-After all this time, Typhoon and I are still great friends (music-wise, of course).
-One day I will have strawberries and cream with Roger Federer, while watching the Wimbledon final in box seats, of course.
-Laura Veirs seems like a great person. Agnes Obel makes me happy too. (Sorry, total name dropper. That's annoying. They are some of my faves though & both great singers.)
-My back is doing weird things.
-I am finally getting better. Holler!
-McCall, Olivia, Madi, Kennedy and I had the best/funniest chat yesterday. If my roommates are anything like them I will be overjoyed!
-I am always happy these days. Nothing to be sad about, really.
-Ask me if I hate make up. Because I do.
-I really want to go boating.
-I laid in a hammock in PV the other day and it was great.

I feel like when I write blog posts my mind decides to think of everything it possibly can. And this is what becomes of it.

Happy (almost) 4th of July by the way!

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  1. Lets go camping and bring "The Go Girl" haha love you Mrks!