Over the past few months I have learned to appreciate all different sorts of people. Some people like every outdoor activity out there, and others would rather jump off a cliff than rock climb, go camping, etc. (I'll be honest, I haven't quite understood the ladder of the two and how people don't like doing activities with what's so beautifully around them but I guess everyone has their own cup of tea.) Some people are super outgoing and can talk to everyone while with others it takes a bit to break their shell. It was very intriguing going on the trek this year. Personally, I loved it. Sure my feet hurt and I probably complained about it 4 times too many but I loved trekking and then coming to the site to set up camp. It was great; and we got to meet people we've never seen before. But I tell you what, never will I ever go camping with some of those girls that went. Whew. It was just about the hardest thing in the world for them. I'm not quite sure I understand it, but it's cool because they have their own activities that they do for fun.

All-in-all I love when people are nothing but themselves no matter what anyone thinks. Life is too short to pretend to be anything else.

My brother sent me the below image one day with a text that said something like, "as you can see, I got bored". It's hilarious and very ironic because I not only hate cats (except for that one one) but I am allergic to them. He is definitely one of the people that I can say is 100 percent real, no funny business.

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  1. I literally just laughed out loud at that picture hahah so great