A happy heart.

If you know me, you know that I love music and am pretty selective with what I listen to. The lyrics, the voice, the sound, the style of play; every aspect makes a difference. Andrew Bird and Ben Sollee are two of my absolute favorite since the beginning of time. Andrew before Ben, but they are both musical geniuses. It blows my mind how good they are and how much they love music. This video is an interview of them talking about music in general, as well as their own musical routines. I whole heartedly believe all that they both say. Like the video talks about, I love how when they write their music with thought and tell a story rather than repeat an ongoing beat or lyric. They really are my very favorite people; one day I will meet them.

I actually started getting really into music when I discovered Andrew Bird through my oldest sister Brianne (what seems like ages ago but it was probably only about 6 years). I didn't really like pop or rap music but I loved a good soul voice or beautiful tune and listened to alternative quite a bit, I was pretty selective, after I found Andrew I became increasingly enthralled in music and it became a huge chunk of my life. No doubt I will cry happy tears at Mr Bird's concert in a couple weeks.

Here are some more videos of them that I am in love with.

Right now Ben Sollee is on tour via bicycle. When I heard about it my mouth dropped to the floor, I thought it was the coolest thing. If I lived on the East coast I would stalk his location and join him.

This music video is about giving so much output to people in your life and not getting enough input (being exhausted; needing a pick me up) as Andrew talked about in the first video. It's also quite funny.

Alright now that I've given my two cents music-wise, I hope your day is great. Smell ya later!

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