Let me tell you about my favorite color.

This is my favorite color and I'll tell you why.

1. Trees are green. I love trees.
2. I wear green clothes a lot. I'd say it's decently fashionable most of the time too, so that's a plus.
3. I spent my awkward middle school years playing with a green tennis racket. It was a Wilson Surge, if you're curious. That probably means nothing to you though.
4. Snow Canyon's main color is green. Which isn't really why I like it, but sure, I'll add it to the list. High school was good to me.
5. I just think green is really beautiful. But the weird thing is I love lime greens on trees but I do not like lime green on people even in the slightest. Sorry if you're wearing lime green right now, I probably still like you. Just a side note.

There you have it.

You're probably wondering, "why is she telling me her favorite color and giving details?" Well lately I've had this weird obsession with asking people what their favorite colors are. It's fascinating and tells a lot about a person most of the time. Especially when they explain why.

Other favorite colors: Orange, red, blue, occasionally yellow, and brown. Well, I think I've covered almost every color except pink and purple so you can probably guess my least favorites. I like dark purple trees, some purple clothes, and some pinks but if I were to say my least favorite color it would have to be purple or pink. Yep.

On another note, what is in a persons wallet and purse is a great indicator of what kind of person they are. That's for sure. If you ever want to get to know someone, just go through their wallet. Yeah sure it's invading their privacy but it tells the world about a person. Try it sometime, even with a best friend.

Have a great day and go make hot chocolate outside because it's fun.


  1. Remember when we went through everyone's wallet when we went bowling!? Good times. Love you and the color green.

  2. Stop being so funny it's killing me.