Procrastinating and stuff.

Here I am. In the library. Studying my brains out for two exams I have tomorrow. Taking a small and needed break. Eating dry Special K on a very hungry stomach. Thinking about a lot of things. Listening to this girl talking on the phone about her life and how she doesn't have a date to this party because she doesn't have a boyfriend. Wearing a jacket that could keep me warm through a very cold blizzard. Talking to a senior in high school on FB and giving some advice I wish I would have gotten when I was in her position. Wondering if I'll ever be able to backpack White Pine in this freezing weather. Wanting hot chocolate and a massage to get this painful ache out of my back. Wishing I had my headphones so I could listen to music. Trying to retain all of this math and sociology material so I will ace my exams. And hoping that I'll get around to washing my hair (it looks fine in the front but the back is just a greasy mess).

There I am. Doing all those things I said. 


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  1. gosh, i just love that we all blog. and this was a great post.