No hope.

I'm mad because of this dang weather. Logan is supposed to storm tonight, lightening and all. Call and I were supposed to go backpacking to that pretty lake in the pristine weather conditions of fall but no Logan's weather had to be a big dumb idiot. I'm bitter if you can't tell. Despite the weather we will make hot cocoa and eat a Mountain House meal courtesy of my new jetboil and set up my tent in our living room. Virtually pretend to camp while it storms. It's not ideal by any means, but it'll work until we go the weekend after fall break. Oh fall break, that makes me happy. It's next weekend and I am overjoyed because I haven't seen my family for awhile.

Gah, I'm so angry though. Look how pretty it is! That mountain right there is Mount Magog and the lake is White Pine. I can't wait to see them with my own eyes.

Well, I guess I will still be able to go but I am the most impatient person in the world when it comes to waiting for things like this. For now, I will enjoy the rain and thunder and be happy I'm not up on the mountain being ever so close to the storm and getting all my gear soaking wet. Yep, let's go with that. 

Side note: I'm currently listening to No Hope which is very appropriate. 

Later maters. 

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  1. gah i wish i could come camping with you!!!
    that is gorgeous.