Significant things.

General conference was too good. I loved every minute. Conference talks are my favorite kind. I won't jump to conclusions and say I'm going on a mission but I will say that announcement was 100% inspired by God. How cool. I also got to watch sunday morning's session with the cutest two girls I know which was all sorts of fun. 

I went to Reel Rock 7 which surpassed all expectations. Those climbers are mad & it is so inspiring. Climbing is such a happy thing. I aspire to be Sasha DiGiulian and I plan on marrying Alex Honnold. I was pretty sad when I found out he has a girlfriend. 

I, McKelle Boren, convinced McCall Stanley to go backpacking with me in a couple weeks. Not just your average person can do that. She's not the outdoorsy type but she is coming and I am so proud. I'll maybe post a picture or two in the future. We're going to White Pine Lake if you're curious. 

I am ignoring my homework because I'm mad at it. Good reason? Yeah sure. 

Whatchu lookin' for, ay sir? Ben Sollee is still my hero. He's got this great voice filled with soul and never goes without meaningful lyrics. Gets me every time. Also, I found out his son is named Oliver which is wild because that's what I'm naming my future little boy. He should just get divorced and marry me.. What? Did I just say that out loud? Ah man. 

I got a new laptop, cool huh? It was very much needed. 

After my laptop purchase, I decided I had to buy a JetBoil Sol. That sucker is the best thing in the world and I've been eyeing it since forever. So I splurged and I will use if for the first time tonight when we make hot cocoa and eat a Mountain House meal while pretending to camp while it storms. I am suppa excited. 

As you can see by the above purchases, I got refunded for all of my tuition I paid at the first of the school year. It's nice having all that money that I worked hard for back in my bank account but I almost feel bad that the government is paying for my education. Well, whatever I guess. 

I'm too lazy to post pictures so goodbye.

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