A few things.

(Sorry for the horrible quality of pictures. Blame the iPhone.)

1. Went to Salt Lake & Park City with McKelle after eating delicious crepes at The Crêpery in Logan. It was probably my favorite spur of the moment trip ever. It's mad how much we are alike.

2. Climbing all day, everyday. Except in reality that means Saturdays.

3. Hot chocolate outside is becoming a daily thing. I'm telling you it's one of my favorite hobbies. (If you can even call it a hobby.) Also, roasted hazelnut and french vanilla by Stephen's are my two faves right now.

4. Alright so maybe I like The Vow. Sue me.

5. Talking to people about real things that matter. I love those conversations more than anything.

6. Figuring out my major except not because I'm still deciding. Loved the input though on that one post.

7. Taking in the breathtaking Park City view. Gorgeous place I tell you. Wish I had pictures of it.

8. Listening to music all the day long and talking about it.

9. Cuddling up in my moms blanket she made me last Christmas every night.

10. Being the peppiest I've ever been at a work meeting. Old Navy corporate is full of cheese and more. I don't even want to count how many times I cheered "holidayland all the way!" or "fleece sweater all the way!" or "yes all the way!" and many variations of "____ all the way!". Sounds pretty obnoxious right? Yeah well we all just made fun of it most of the meeting. I have a feeling I'll like my coworkers though, they seem cool.

11. I spend all of my days on infinitylist.com

12. I love candles, especially this one.

13. Bookstores are always a happy thing.

14. I don't mean to leave this post on a bad note, but I don't think I'll be able to come home for Thanksgiving because retail is ruthless. Christmas is pretty sketchy too. AND some of my family is going to Seattle this weekend for a convention and I can't go because of a test and work. So right now, life's rough but you know what? It'll be alright.

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