Here's to now.

Here's some pictures I took showing a small sliver of what I did this week.

1. Saw a wolf.

2. Went on an extra fun night hike. It was equipped with hot chocolate (courtesy of Mr. JetBoil) clear up in Logan Canyon. White Pine to be exact. It was probably my favorite night hike up to my existence.

3. Typhoon, Laura Gibson and Lost Lander were stellar. Great people too might I add.

4. Found my long lost lover. (The one in the green sweater playing the trumpet that looks a little bit like Harry Potter).

5. Experienced snow for technically the 2nd time in Logan but I would consider it a 1st because it stuck this time. 

6. Went to my favorite restaurant in Logan.

7. Went to an Antique Mall.

8. I go through the canyon almost every day and trust me when I say this time it was absolutely phenomenal. I was going mad. Winter wonderland at it's finest. We sang, we admired, and we danced to this song and this song.

Snow is fun. Smell ya later.

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