Happy days!

Inversion no more! Inversion no more! The sky is clear, I can see the mountain ranges and all is well in the world.

Let me tell you about some good things happening in my life mostly just today because every other day lately has had something in it that makes me hate the world! But that is beside the point. Let me tell you about my great day today:

1. I did all my laundry. Yes, all of it. I feel clean again and its a great thing.

2. These gems came in the mail today. And yes, I realize my harness is slightly to the left in this picture. It's a Petzl Selena and we've fallen madly in love. I also bought a titanium spork so that shipping was free. I am very pleased with it too.

3. I feel very prepared for my physics test tomorrow.

4. I got to sit down on the Aggie shuttle back to my apartment instead of stand and hold the bar up top that is not mean't for people 5 feet and 3 inches. My arm gets tingly every time.

5. I ate a lot today. Which can be considered both good and bad but today I'm feeling optimistic.

6. I remembered to put my Nalgene in the fridge and when I got home I had cold yummy water.

7. This lady held the door open for me when I had a laundry basket filled with a bum load of clothing.

8. Did I mention I finally got a harness? AND a titanium spork? AND I did my laundry? AND the inversion is gone?

9. I remembered to buy notebooks for my classes. Now I'm a little more organized.

10. I will probably go to bed decently early tonight.

11. Ecology is canceled on Friday.

Yeah, nothing major happened but I'm pretty pleased with the day. Especially considering all the crud that has happened lately. I'll make sure to fill you in later about how many "sucks" moments I've had over the past 2 weeks. Or you can just ask McCall, we laugh about it all day.

I hope you had a great Wednesday; mine was fantastic.

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