This is a big deal.

Today I found my favorite hike ever (as of 2/1/13). This is a big deal. I don't just throw that "favorite" word around. Some reasons why: every ounce of the hike was phenomenal and had amazing views -- pictures do not do it justice, I think snowshoes are sent from the Gods, there were so many options to explore and I pretty much made my own trail, and lastly I hadn't been in Green Canyon this winter so I was very pleased. This one takes the cake for favorite hike ever though, at least for now, so I've at least got to show you this one! Here's some pictures that will probably make you think "wow, the man upstairs is really great at what he does". Because that's all I say when I'm on the trail.

 (Fall + Winter = Finter)
 (Finger Mountain earned it's own portrait.)
 (I found a slab while veering off the trail.)

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I should start "favorite hike friday" posts so you guys can see pictures of my favorite hike of the week. Pretty bad idea though considering I'm probably the most forgetful person you'll ever met and you probably don't care. I try not to bore but my life is what it is. 

Goodnight, I am very very tired.

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  1. You're AMAZING Kell!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND LOVE YOUR BLOG!! I can't wait to start one of my own!!