2/6/2012 - the worlds crudiest day.

9:35 am -- Late for class.

9:50 am -- Missed a section of notes.

10:30 am -- Sat scared out of my mind in anticipation for an exam.

11:38 am -- Stayed 18 minutes after class got out; being the only one in the room finishing the exam.

12:05 pm -- Realized I had no food.

12:15 pm -- Bounced a tennis ball. (1 of the only 2 things that were good today. I even got a picture.)

12:45 pm -- Dreaded going to work because its awful.

1:50 pm -- Messed up a transaction.

2:25 pm -- Messed up a transaction.

2:45 pm -- Accidentally forgot to give back this lady's license that wasn't happy with me in the first place because no one likes our return policy when they don't have a receipt. GUESS WHAT I DON'T MAKE THE RULES. (I didn't say that but I wanted to.)

2:48 pm -- My manager was angry with me because of previous incident.

3:15 pm -- Got blamed for something I didn't do.

4:20 pm -- The store was a mess and I was stressed because I had to recover lots of it before my shift was over.

5:15 pm -- Almost in tears from a horrible past few hours at work. I swear I did everything wrong and I don't know what was wrong with me.

5:17 pm -- Ran into a guy in the parking lot while going on my break for work.

5:20 pm -- Called my mom. Cried a lot.

5:31 pm -- Got back to work, looking really fantastic from all the crying.

5:49 pm -- Cried on the job.

6:18 pm -- Got off work.

6:25 pm -- Went to get pizza at Little Caesars.

6:31 pm -- Realized I didn't get the Aggie Special which was a WAY better deal.

6:35 pm -- Angry.

6:38 pm -- Hungry.

6:42 pm -- Decided I didn't want pizza.

6:43 pm -- Decided I wanted Panda Express.

6:45 pm -- Cried in line at Panda Express.

6:46 pm -- Realized Panda Express was the only good thing to happen to my day.

6:50 pm -- Went home.

7:00 pm -- Cried some more.

7:15 pm -- Ate Panda Express and was a little more chipper. I was very hungry.

7:35 pm -- Went over to our friends apartment to watch this movie with Whitney Houston in it.

8:01 pm -- Fell in love with Whitney Houston's soul.

8:05 pm -- Called Allstate.

8:10 pm -- Gave this lady a crud load of information and missed 1/2 the great singing movie.

8:25 pm -- Hated the lady on the phone because I hated everyone at that point. And she was making me feel like an idiot.

8:30 pm -- Found out I have to pay $500.

8:45 pm -- Got off the phone with Allstate.

9:00 pm -- Hated life.

9:05 pm -- Headache.

9:08 pm -- Emotionally unstable while watching movie.

9:25 pm -- Finished movie.

9:35 pm -- Watched videos.

9:40 pm -- Ate ice cream.

10:35 pm -- Went home. Cried.

10:45 pm -- Forgot about ENG 2010 homework due the next day.

11:30 pm -- Finished homework.

11:50 pm -- Didn't study for Ecology like I should have.

12:05 am -- Slept.

12:05 am to 8:00 am -- Had awful, stressful, and horrific nightmares.


I'm not all about the pity parties and negativity but I can honestly say this was the cruddiest day of my life. I didn't do anything fun, I didn't even have time to clear my head, and it was just pure awful. This was also probably a big downer on your day but look at the bright side! None of this happened to you! So congratulations for not sucking. Good day.


  1. Ahhhhh man that seems like the worst day known to man. I'm so sorry that you got dealt a bad hand. Hope things are going better!

  2. Man this is so great. I had the worst week of my entire life last week. Hate to say it, but its comforting to know it happens to other people too. Cheers to cruddy days.

  3. That's a lot of crying. I think your body makes more tears than mine.

  4. The thing about bad days is you know it's over when it's over. It can only get better. MAN. You should do more posts like this so I know what your life is like. :) :)