Life's good.

Hello! I am very bad at blogging and I apologize. The term "sporadic blogger" fits me well. I feel like thats a lot of people though so it is completely fine. Anyways, just here to report life is really good. Making good use of free time is my specialty so if you're ever around Logan and have a few extra hours, give me a call and I will plan out your day. But really.

Here's some unorganized blabbering:
-Today was Easter and I couldn't go home because of work so my roommates parents gave Chey an Easter basket to give to me! How nice are they. I tell everyone about it because I love people like that. Made my whole day.
-Fun fact: I love straws.
-My tax returns made be real happy.
-I broke 3 crayons today.
-I ripped 5 pairs of jeans in the past couple weeks. They were all pretty old and worn but still. I didn't even gain weight either.
-I love Logan and I am going to miss it dearly.
-IT IS SO WARM. I live up that sunshine all day.
-School makes me want to hurl most days. I like school but this semesters classes are all my least favorite.
-Mission papers go in soon! HOLLA.
-I missed 2 farewells today. Wah.
-I went to the hottie lamottie ward today because I had to work during my church time.
-I think I'm getting sick but I don't really care.
-I'm buying rope so I can climb with all my own gear now and I'm stoked stoked stoked.

Sorry I'm the worst blogger. I just have a hard time documenting my life. I should hire a camera man! In reality I would never ever ever do that but it would be a nice idea if the camera was invisible and unnoticeable.

I hope today was wonderful for you all! Don't mind the random baby picture!

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