For those future college students.

Let me tell you something. I can sum up college in 4 words.

Kinda sucks, 100% rocks.

1. You know this? Well it is completely accurate. Except add work and play time in there and it just gets all sorts of crazy. Time management, kids, that is the key to a happy life.

2. Tests are flaming hard. Get used to it. Your concept of what "studying" means will change drastically and there is literally no way to prepare you for it so.. sorry.

3. Living on your own the first week? FREAKING ROCKS. You can literally do whatever you fudge you want. Go crazy! 

4. Living on your own the second or third week? Reality hits and you freak out a little. But it's fine because you get over it pretty quick. At least I did. I love it more than anything now. Moving back home would be weird. 

5. Visiting home, is another story. It's so fun!! Seriously. I love it. The fridge is full, all your favorite people are surrounding you, you get to catch up on everyone's lives, and all of your favorite places are still there. 

6. Buying groceries the first time? Really really great and you feel super cool and stuff. 

7. Buying groceries every time after that? Sucks real bad because it's coming out of your own pocket. You may end up daydreaming about your fridge back home. 

8. If you don't have a meal plan, do dinners with your roommates. Best decision in the whole entire world. 

9. Learn to not care where you live. It's a place to sleep, eat and have fun. It does NOT have to be extravagant. Also, chances are you're real poor so get used to it. 

10. Pay for your own school. Get financial aid if you can. Apply for loads of scholarships. Work hard. It pays off I swear. I've found that there is usually a big difference between those that pay for their own school and those that don't. If you aren't paying for your school, then show that you're thankful for the money given to you. 

11. Get a job. Yeah, it's freaking hard to balance everything. Yeah, it sucks. But you will learn to manage your time better than you ever have before. Time is money kids, make good use of it. Whenever I have even a glimpse of free time, I am outside doing something I love and I've never been more happy in my life. 

12. Find an escape from everything. For me, I prefer outdoor activities. But for you it might be something completely different: an instrument, a sport, etc.

13. I don't know about other schools, but the first couple months or so of school everyone is so friendly and you meet like a bajillion people. It's super fun. Don't feel bad if you don't remember their names. They probably won't remember yours. But make sure to be social a lot because then you meet great people and a group of them may end up becoming your BFFs. 

14. Get involved. Clubs, intramurals, go to school events. USU has the funnest school activities and loads of people show up. It's a blast. So go to those at your schools. 

15. Singles wards are so fun. My FHE group is filled with some of my favorite people and it is fantastic! We pretty much live at each others houses. 

16. Don't go home a lot. Be where you're at. That sounds funny but set your roots in the place you're living. I seriously love Logan and I will probably cry when I have to leave it for my mission. Wherever you live, love it! Every place has its "fun thing".

17. Talk to your professors. I don't know about elsewhere, but USU has fantastic professors and I have loved talking with them. They're so incredibly smart! And also super cool so make sure to be pals. 

18. Call your family a lot. It's good for the soul.

19. Never go to the grocery store hungry or else your food expenses every month will grow exponentially. Also, when the Easter candy is on sale the day after Easter make sure to refrain from buying it (guilty).

20. Don't eat crap. You'll gain more than the freshman 15. Also, that's a real thing. They're not kidding. Make sure to watch what you eat & exercise or else you'll get super fat.

21. Roommates are so fun. I love them and care about them like family.

22. Everyone will know you're a freshmen the first couple months. Everyone. Because you will do freshman things that only freshman do. Like take notes on the syllabus, for example. You can't avoid it so embrace it.

23. You'll learn more about yourself in those first couple months than you ever have before.

24. Major in something you love. Don't let money play a role in what you chose to do for the rest of your life.

25. Just don't be dumb, okay? 

26. All-in-all, I love college. A lot a lot a lot.

Here's some advice from my roommates.

Andrea Thomas: "Schedule fun into your day. Sometimes it's better to get a B on a test and love your life than to get an A on a test and hate your life. But seriously."

Cheyna Field: "Get a scholarship. If you don't have a scholarship, go into construction." This girl is also the same girl who believed she was giving birth to herself while in a yoga class. She's hysterical.

McCall Stanley: "Just do it tomorrow, that's my motto."

So yeah. There's me and my roommates two cents. This lyric by Fionn Regan: "I don't give advice but be wise and think twice" also applies great to this blog post. Except I just gave you loads of advice so you better take it to heart. But really, nothing can prepare you. It's a big change. 

I hope you all choose your respective schools wisely, and by wisely I mean Utah State. (Only half kidding. I've got major school pride, alright?) 

Go Aggies. 

(Also, THIS article is hilarious because nobody likes BYU here just because we're rivals and that's how it is so whoever thought up this April fools joke is real funny.)


  1. woo go aggies! This was such a cute post, loved it!

  2. hahahaha our advice! Love you and the roomies. I don't know what we are all going to do without each other! Best blog post ever!