what am i doing for summer?
whatever i want 
and more.

people keep asking the same question;
and i say the same thing

so to make an end to this 
i am blogging about my 
soon to be
get ready.. they're pretty great

wonderful june:)
one month closer to by birthday;
but also one month closer to
june is what i like to call..
bitter sweet.
it's fun and exciting
but, again,
closer to the thing we hate most.
june, why do you have to be
so stressful to think about?
this june:
i am doing numerous adventures
as i please, of course,
and here they are...
-tennis tourneys
-playing with my pals
-counting down the days until 
my 16th birthday
-youth conference
-EFY with the megs:)
-girls camp
-maybe a trip or two to vegas

.. and that's the just of my june!

ohh july.. please come soon!
my birthday happens to fall on this
WONDERFUL month of july;
the 28th to be exact.
and to be honest;
i have zero ideas on what i'm doing!
i have to have something though;
it's my 16TH BIRTHDAY!
and i will never be given
the right to drive myself and others
(for the first time)
ever again
except for on this fine day!
there is need for celebration.
so please.
i would love some ideas!
keep in mind that my house.. 
is probably not the best for a party. 
as for july's dirty deeds: 
there is much needed help on this month;
 IT'S mostly FREE 
except for my daily tennis,
running or gym duties,
it's all i've got! 
so this july,
please oh please give me a call;
i would love some hang out time
with pals; 
or even people i don't even know.
pretty desperate;)
this july should be a fun one;
cause the parents said
we are most likely
going on a family vacation!!
don't know what but it's probably..
going to be around july 4th.
that's when all our family vacations are.
they were spitting out all these ideas
such as..
hawaii or catalina.
even though those places are
close to impossible
they sound prettyy great to me!
so if i may make a say in this
 even though my opinion
doesn't really matter..
i vote hawaii:) 
like where we stayed last time!
best vacation ever.
 so parents; 
how about it?
you only have 3/5 kids to take:)

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