i hate drivers ed already
and i haven't even taken it yet.

yes, i am almost sixteen and yes, i have not taken drivers ed. i have been procrastinating it for the longest time because i've only heard bad things about it. like really, nothing good at all. and i only know one person that will be going with me to this session which is the joe. yes, joe from lloyderson.blogspot.com. he's pretty cool. i'm pretty sure we are the only juniors also. but at least he's sixteen! ah. these next ten days better pass quickly because i do not enjoy waiting. AT ALL. it's one of my many flaws. anyways...
i'll need it. 
this is what i did today:

^we were pretty happy. don't ask me why, it was a three hour drive 
to mount pleasant in our church clothing.^

^we're really cool^

^that right there is my father.
yes, my father. comfy, eh?^

 ^cade read, and i played with my ipod. 
he's smart.^

...and that's what i did.


  1. heaven for bide you actually read! good luck with drivers ed sucker!

  2. i love this post! aren't you glad drivers ed is OVER! I sure would be:) love you kell.

  3. YES. you have no idea. well, actually, you do. but hey! i get my license super soon!