last night was awesome
thanks to anna b.

so last night was super boring cause i got out of drivers ed at five and then just sat at home watching the worthless tv the rest of the time.


anna benson came to the rescue!! she called me up and said, "what are you doing, mrk??" and i replied, "nothing whatsoever." and then she went on to say that she was coming to my household! on her way, actually. so i sat there all giddy for approximately fifteen minutes and then, SHE CAME. so i raced out there and got in the honda civic with a homemade cake in a cup awaiting. YES, homemade, and it was delicious. that girl is a keeper. i pretty much devoured the thing in just a couple minutes. as we caught up on our life's adventures she decided that she was in a crave for mckdonald's fries. yes, i know. pretty ridiculous. once we waited for TWENTY FIVE MINUTES to get them, we sat in the alersons (the b light was out) parking lot and enjoyed them. once we were near finishing we saw ken, steve, and whuit! we chattered it up and then proceeded in a slow manner back to my home. it was only an hour visit but it was the nicest, cutest thing ever done for me. 

pictures linked to the event:
(but not really cause i didn't take any)
 it was good. and looked like that, but better.

& she's awesome. i love this picture.

thank you, anna benson!
you're the best best friend i could ever have.
(& so is meg)

 oh, and just so you know.. drivers ed is worse than i thought. but hey, i'm closer to receiving my own driving license!


  1. yeah i am pretty AWESOME BLOSUM POSSUM :)

  2. not any more you fag! i would love to hang out with you and your new car but nope. can't do that. you're too too cool.