yesterday i was just minding my business:

shopping for becky with whuit and madi, havin a good time and eating jimmy johns. and then i receive a text from my bud kennedy to go "swimming" at 830. so i was thinkin to myself.. alright that's chill. so after we got something to eat we head to kennedy's house. but we made some "unexpected stops". like going to whuitney's house for no apparent reason and taking our sweet time there. after that, we drove to my house for my swim suit and i "couldn't find it". so i grabbed another one of mine and went to ken's house. i'm just walking up her insane driveway and i see balloons thinking that we were just going to have a little party for me before she left like with me, her, whuit, and madi. no one else. but nope. out pops all my buds screaming "SURPRISE". i didn't know what to think. so i just said "what are you all doing here?? it's not my birthday." cause it wasn't. it's on wednesday. but they thought they would be tricky celebrate it early cause my parentals would be gone. they ended up having my "lost swimming suit" and all those random trips? yeah, they were just stalling. so.. there you have it. it was awesome and super fun:) i'm pretty sure there were like 5x more boys than girls and a lot of people were gone but it was awesome! my cake was amazing, i have a date set out, and i'm pretty sure it was the best party i've ever had. and i didn't even plan it. nor know. they were super sneaky. it was probably the biggest surprise i have ever had.
i loved it, a lot.

my friends are awesome, thanks guys:)


my awesome tennis cake!

the big surprise!
the win-a-date with mckelle game.. 
i guess you can call it that.

them dancing! hahah best thing ever.

 singing and cake!

 so awesome.


 you can't really see but the white and black people running into the pool are me and whuitney. pretty worthless picture.

 "i broke my strings!" hahah. i thought it was funny.

this girl, this girl, and mostly this girl & my parentals helped put this production on. love you guys!

and that was my birthday party.

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