yesterday was awesome, and this is what we did:

(we = joe, meg, abs, tavish, brayden, me, and carol)

made abbey a blog. abbeyhafen.blogspot.com, i think.

rolled ourselves into burrito's
- best idea EVER.

we got some large blankets, looked at the sky, listening to some chill music and set out for a nice relaxing day... it was great, one of the best summer moments. (that's joe)

1/2 of the blanket...

& the other 1/2 of the blanket.

meg & i heard the ice cream truck and sprinted up the stairs for my treasure chest of coins and bought ourselves bubbles, and spongebob ice cream bars/popsicles with $3.75 in quarters. joe also came along and bought bugs bunny but it turns out it was nasty. anyways,it brought back great childhood memories.

 poor bubbles, abbey ate her bubblegum eye off.

anyways, it was a GREAT summer day:)


  1. I was totally thinking about blogging about this day. it was so wonderful! such a PERF summmer day.
    p.s you forgot the quick drive to Lins for ice cream & attractive baggers.

  2. Oh yeah! I will add that pronto, ha that bagger was fine:) how did I forget??

  3. this was such a good summer day! and i'm sorry about bubbles... ;)