today was odd. yesterday rocked.

I woke up beside kennedy neilson (we had a slumber party), laughed a little, made german pancakes, took her home, went to tennis, came home, watched some television, and CLEANED. For hours on end.

It was truly a successful time. My room is clean, the family room is clean, the bathrooms in all of the house are clean, etc etc. I feel so accomplished. Woot!

PS- I never do that.


I went to the last day of tennis tryouts for the week. It was super hard, and also went an hour longer as usual. Anywho, after that I got my hair did and texted my main (wo)man k. neilson to go to dinner and watch redbox's. While doing so, we stopped at Walgreens after some yummy sushi and got some polish for our nails. Newsprint nails rock, I tell you what.

OH and I also realized my love for the guy off of I Am Number Four. He is a babe and a half. That's a lot of babe.


I appreciate my life greatly.
I hope you all better & better days.


  1. i love this post. for some reason it hit the spot. love you mrkl!