11/11/11 at 11:11:11. in other words, the luckiest day ever.

11/11 started out pretty normal..
It was an A day.
I went to first & second, anticipating the first 11:11.
Then lunch came.
Guess who didn't check the clock while driving?
I missed it. How dumb am I? Really dumb.
Anywho, I went home after 3rd & 4th to find myself sitting on the couch doing nada.
Then, this girl asked me to work for her. I was so kind, maybe even too kind, and said yes.
I worked & worked.
I got off.
I called abbey.
I went home and ate.
I impatiently sat at the dinner table for a text saying where to go..
"1040 at the Dixie Rock. Come with a balloon to write your wish."
I did so.
We went on top, put red lipstick on to kiss our balloons, and anxiously thought about what our wish would be..
This was obviously going to well, because right after I had finished writing my 11 wishes, MY BALLOON UNTIED ITSELF FROM THE STRING.
I cannot adequately explain my fury. I was so mad.
It was aight though because dear friend Taylor let me write on hers!
Then 11:11 came.
We let our balloons go! And drank apple cider like we were drunk. Twas great.
After that, we ended with a car party that got busted by the coppas. That's right. THE POLICE. Look at us rebels go. HA.

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