cirque du sadies.

Sadies was great fun! Sequence of events:
-picked up our dates around 1030
-went to the church to play volleyball, throw footballs, and play king elephant and signs (probably one of my fave day dates)
-go to wendles (wendy's) and eat while laughing hysterically about funny things
-Kennedy dropped off Joey and me so we could go get matching red pants at the DI
-went to DI and ran into another Sadies group
-bought red pants
-Joey texts me "Hey want to know something funny?" I replied, "Yeah. What's funny?" He said "I shafted the pants."
-it wasn't funny
-we picked them up
-he wore his black pants, I wore my dark jeans
-we went to get pictures
-I forgot money
-we went to my house to get money
-took pictures
-ate a delicious dinner at abbey hafen's house
-partied hard at the dance
-busted some druggies
-got some hot cocoa
-went to Kennedy's
-had a good time
-dropped off Joey

THE END. 'twas great.

Till next time.

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