friends and a fabulous weekend.

First off, I love McCall. Literally the best person ever. We're hopefully future roomies and I couldn't be more happy about it! We just have such a good time together. Now down to business.
On Friday we went to D-hills for the game. It was quite ridiculous. I fell in love with #3. His name is Jace Wade and he's a babe and a half (he also has divine curly hair). I'm not this creepy all the time I promise. After the very close and very depressing game, we went to Krave with a group of people. Which is always a fun time.
On Saturday I ventured to McCall's house, laptop in hand, to get a butt load of homework done. We laughed, we cried and we mostly did homework, watched movies, made cookies and sipped out of sippy cups. Alison also came along for our Saturday adventure also! By the end of the day we were a little looney but hey, we had some great laughs.
I don't know why it was so fun but it was. I mean, we didn't do anything fantastic but it was just.. nice to relax and stuff. All & all, I love being good pals with Call. And I cannot emphasize enough how excited I am for August 2012 when we (hopefully) make our way up to USU for college. Holler at your grandma, we will have a blast.

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  1. Um can I just say that I freaking love you!! You and #3 will get married. I just know it. Anywhos there are more fun weekends to come:)