Hiking is a girls best friend.

Hiking is a regular thing for me. I love it. I live in such a beautiful place! Today I went with my pal McCall to get my mind off things. You see, the initial plan for my life was to go to USU but I was only 95% sure. 5% of me was leaning towards BYU. Last night I got an email saying that I didn't get accepted to BYU. It was really hard for me, considering I had almost expected to get in (which I should not have done in the first place). I felt like I had a solid application: Good academically, good involvement, and good with church stuff.
When I found out, I was at work. 3 of my coworkers were around me when I got the news. Their first response was, "all I have to say is that everything happens for a reason." And I can testify that is 100% true. It was pretty relieving knowing that I'm all the way, positively going to Utah State. And I would've gone there anyway if I got accepted to BYU, but the hard thing about it was thinking I wasn't good enough. All is well though, I will show them who's boss and make sure to do outstanding academic achievements! Motivation is key.
Anyways, sorry for the ranting. I just thought I would spare some of you from asking me personally. Let's be honest though, Aggies are a million times better than Cougars. I will have the time of my life up in Logan!


  1. GO AGGIES! :D you will LOVE utah state Mckelle, even if you had made it into BYU, you still should have picked utah state. Hands down the BEST schoool.

  2. YES!!! Aggies could kill a cougar with their pitch forks! I love you and I also love hiking.