I'm just your typical teenage girl. Well, kinda.

-I like to talk about boys (even though I am definitely not getting straight A's in the relationship department).
-I like to eat ice cream, by myself or with friends. Ice cream's ice cream.
-I like to listen to music all hours of the day. I am currently listening to songs by The Shivers and The Maccabees. I recommend to all.
-I like dancing in my room to songs that usually aren't danced to. 
-I like sleeping and taking long, pointless naps. 
-I like doing my hair in buns that look pretty ridiculous.
-I like doodling on my homework, instead of doing it. Somehow it all gets done though. It will always be a mystery.
-I like talking with my mom.
-I like tickling my little brother even though he's 10x my size.
-I (secretly) like hanging out with my family more than my friends.
-I like reading books that make my mind wander with imaginative thoughts.
-I like doing math. 
-I like talking about the future, and the present, as if they coincide. 
-I like making up dumb handshakes with my friends or family. By family I mean Caden, he's the only one young enough to appreciate fun of it. 
-I like going to the grocery store in sweats. (yeah I'm that girl)
-I like painting my nails in all different colors.
-I like skipping when no one is looking at me.
-I like filling up my time with fun things. Hiking, biking, walking, reading, etc.
-I like to work out. Correction. I like the feeling after I work out. 
-I like to eat baked goods. 
-I like the name eleanor, I will name my baby that. Yes, I got it off of the Rockstar Diaries blog. You can call me copy cat but I don't care. 
-I like talking crazy talk with Kennedy Neilson. 
-I like the snow and rain and cold and sun. But I don't like the extremes. No those are no good.
-I like camping and you better believe Caden and I will be camping fools in the summer. 
-I like a nice hug any day. But it can't be a cruddy hug. I hate those. 
-I like talking to people at my school. Where it's really at are the guys that lay low on the high school radar. There are some interesting people out there & you can learn a lot from a person by one simple convo. Try it. 
-I like playing the piano. I used to hate it, back in 8th or 9th, so I quit lessons but I never forgot how to play. It's fun when you're playing for fun. 
-I like listening to unique voices sing. 
-I like making up my own theme songs. Well, mostly just songs in general that make literally no sense at all. They're usually sang in the car when I'm driving. (no you cannot hear them; they are embarrassing)
-I like dogs. I want a big one outside and a small(er) one inside when I'm older. I better marry a dog lover. 
-I like getting nice texts from people I love.
-I like letters in the mail. Even if they're all about college crud.
-I like chocolate milk. 
-I like special k. You can never ever ever go wrong with some special k.
-I also like them down there.

(sorry for the overload of "about me" info; hope it didn't bore)



  1. Special K all the way!!! Best cereal EVER

  2. I loved this and we have a lot in common. Special K lovers unite.

  3. I love this posty. I love you mrkl the drkl.

  4. Crazy talk with you anytime.

  5. love this post! This almost explains my life perfectly haha