Deja vu.

Kennedy and I went on our summer trip just barely (kinda like last years trip) and it was a b-last. We've decided to make it tradition. It includes staying at one of Kennedy's relatives, eating at PF Changs, going to a good concert & doing other outdoor activities! Too much fun to be had. This year it went a little like this..

-Stayed at Kennedy's Grandma Frieda's house.
-Shopped a little bit.
-Ate at PF Changs.
-Went to The Shins, The Head & The Heart and Blind Pilot concert at Red Butte. I can't even tell you how good it was. We went there last year to see Josh Ritter and Blind Pilot and it was just as good.
-Hiked/scaled Stewart Falls & Bridal Veil Falls. Let's just say Provo Canyon & Uinta National Forest are definitely two of my favorite places on planet Earth.
-Went to my favorite store (Barnes & Noble). Kennedy got hit on and I took part in a survey. This probably describes what college will be like this fall for each of us.
-Got myself a new phone case because I suck and break everything in sight.
-Got some watery hot chocolate.
-Got cupcakes at this cute shop.
-Went to a MIB 3. To be honest, I hate the whole alien story line and I didn't really want to go BUT Will Smith was a hoot. I'll admit to that. "Hey O." "How do you know O?" "Oh uh, I call all females O & all males K, so when I see a couple I'm like, ohhkayy." We thought that was funny but no one else did. I've never had to hold in laughter more in my life.
-Listened to my special playlist I made for us.

I love Kennedy & I will miss her greatly. She has literally been through it all with me.


  1. mrkl, I can't even tell you how jealous I am. that is a killer trio for a concert! you lucky dog!

  2. "Got myself a new phone case because I suck and break everything in sight." HAHAHA I love you mrk.