Tomorrow is quite possibly going to be full of the weirdest, most surreal moments of my life. One word ladies (& probably no gents), GRADUATION. Yep.

I'm real frazzled about the whole situation. I keep saying to myself: "if everything goes bad: I trip at graduation and make a fool out of myself as well as have a horrible hair day, at least there's some fun to be had at grad night."

I highly doubt I'll miss the high school part of high school but the people will be dearly missed. Especially the ones that I probably won't ever see ever again. Frankly, I'm really sad but I haven't cried yet so that's a plus.

Fun fact: YOLO, HAGS and dat shii cray are probably my favorite sayings to make fun of & in all reality, should be banned. Horrible horrible.

Next time I post, I'll be graduated! Unless I die from here until 430 tomorrow afternoon. That would be bad. Let's not think about that.

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  1. hahahaha, i laughed out loud like 4 times in this post. I LOVE YOU. like a lot. and when i read "i haven't cried yet" my left eye teared up. i love you mrkl.