Best friends forever darlin', that's what's up!

Long story short, my dad (dentist) said I couldn't get my wisdom teeth out yesterday because I was too sick (I've been sick for the past month; no joke). My first reaction: mad/sad, this was the most perfect week to do them! I definitely said some harsh words to my sickness inside of me.

My second reaction: HOLY FUDGE I HAVE SO MUCH TIME. I got real happy and ended up spending most of wednesday and tuesday just relaxing. A working, non-stop girl like me could deserve a couple days like that! My agenda for yesterday & today: get up, eat a little, take my pill (ps- I think medicine is a load of crap slash I really hate taking it; I want my body to heal on its own but unfortunately that's not the case here folks), watch a butt-load of white collar because I love matt bomer and his luscious locks, eat, then dilly dally around listening to music. Today I went to Madagascar 3 & hung out with friends though. GO ME. I really needed those couple days to recover from travelling and working madness. It was great, but I'm ready to get off my tush.

As you can see above, I did enjoy myself ^. Tomorrow and the rest of this week will be filled with hiking, biking, running, tennis and maybe camping depending on if I can find a couple people willing to come. That's the hardest part, really, finding people to come. This is an invite if you were wondering. I'll get all caught up on my usual activities and be back to my normal, active self shortly!

Summer really has been great though, despite all the hard work. 


  1. I feel like we would be good friends if the situation permitted itself.. It seems as if we are always hunting for camping friends!