-Remember my college jar? It made me $50 richer. And that's not even counting my contributions. Cool eh? I recommend getting one, it's great and sometimes people are nice and give you their pocket change. But then it gets a little awkward at the bank when you give the lady a key-rap load of rolled coins.

-My dad gave me his old laptop and I'm happier than that one animal off of Ice Age when he catches the acorn, you know?

-I am going to a concert by myself. Luckily it is Andrew Bird so I will probably be swindled by is charming melodies to be social anyhow. Maybe I'll make some friends, who knows. He only comes to these parts once in a blue moon!

-Good news! I'm not going to be homeless or poor. I've got some savings saved up even after spending all of my monies on tuition and crud. Still haven't found a job though and I'm bitter about it so don't bring it up.

-Bombay Bicycle Club concert is tomorrow and I am really happy/excited about it. I rounded up a total of 3 and possibly 4 people to come with! Hip hip hooray! Also, why are so many concerts on Tuesdays and Thursdays? I like to have fun on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday too ya know.

-My tent came for my birthday and all I have to say for myself is that I have surpassed the happy phase and reached that crazy mood people get in when they're excited. Like those runners when they get 1st place in the marathon. Yep.

-The Desert Rat is probably the coolest place I've ever been to. I go there for all my outdoor needs. I got an 800-fill 15-degree down bag for half the price that it would've been because they rock.

-Keens. I want Keens. Or Chacos. Tevas will do also. Bottom line, I'm in need of an outdoor sandal. My very very worn gym shoes aren't cutting it.

-I packed up a ton of my clothes and it makes me feel weird. I haven't moved since I was 4 or something little like that!

(this is me taking a picture on my computer camera, pointing to the limited clothing supply I have because I packed lots up, and displaying my weird mood about moving; it's the best I could do)

See ya when I see ya.

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  1. You're my favorite person ever. Also your super good at blogging.