Bombay & Andrew.

Last week on Tuesday I drove to Salt Lake (my first time personally driving there by the way) for Bombay Bicycle Club with a few friends that joined! And let me start with this, they rocked my whole life five times over. If that isn't wild I don't know what is. Even Hey Rosetta was pretty darn good. I don't love their cd a ton but they were great live! When Bombay came out and sang for us I probably looked like a dog; drooling over Jack Steadman's impeccable voice. I was so close to him I could probably touch his foot if I wanted to. Every now and then I would close my eyes and take it all in to make sure I wouldn't forget the beauty of it all! We danced in joy and smiled the whole night long out of pure happiness. It was great and all I can do now is watch live YouTube videos of them. Bombay moved up from top 15 to top 5 in my book. Maybe even top 3. Guys I ache for more Bombay Bicycle Club, it was that good! They didn't play some of my faves but I forgive them. I can't wait for their next album. I keep worrying that they won't come back to SLC though, but I really can't wait to see them again.

ANDREW BIRD. A music, vocal and whistle genius with great charisma. On Tuesday I crossed two things off of my bucket list: 1- go to an Andrew Bird concert. 2- go to a concert alone. To be honest, I liked going alone. As I've gotten older I've realized how much I enjoy doing things for myself. It sounds pretty selfish, but sometimes you have have to have some me time. Andrew was so great though. I love how he mixes up his songs every time. Creates new versions out of ideas in his head. He came to the concert on a bike. I could see because Red Butte is an outdoor venue and behind the stage you can see the vans and stuff. I really did see him, coming in hot on his bike. I love everything about him. And his cool bike. His voice was phenomenal and his whistle is just flat out ridiculous. Alright, I'm going to stop. (video coming shortly)

Wow I had a lot to say about those. I would say sorry but I'm not really that sorry. I may or may not be addicted to going to concerts. My sister, Brianne, gave me some advice and I am living it full force: "When you're in college, even when you're poor, you've got to live a little. You know, spend money on the things you like or will be genuinely fun. Don't go too crazy." A few days ago we had a 2 hour long FaceTime. I miss her so much it's not even funny. Her and Joe (her husband) are just living the dream in Portland after their summer in Spain. One day I'll be like them.

Anyways, life's dandy but it's been busier than ever. I've been trying to fit all the fun I can before I move tomorrow. Yes tomorrow. Wild, excited, nervous, happy? Yes. Ready? I can't tell yet. I'm sure I'll blog about it soon.

Smell ya later.

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