Soon as in right now.

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1- I think I am ready to move. I really am happy about it: happy that I'll be moving on, happy that I'll meet new people, happy that I'm going to USU (yes I am going to be one of those crazy Aggie fans), happy that I'm out of high school, and happy for all of the change that's going on.
2- I'm going to miss my mom and my dad.
3- I'm going to be poorer than poor. I need a job.
4- The closet that Call and I are supposed to "share" is about half the size of my filled closet right now. And my closet isn't big at all. We're going to have major problems.
5- Our apartment will be cute. We've shopped thrift stores like mad men.
6- I should be reading this book and writing a paper right now. I have lots to do before tomorrow at 10 AM.
7- If all else fails I can drop out of college and live in the canyon. That would be the real dream.
8- Wow I have so much crud.
9- I'm going to be brutally honest. I'm not really all about hanging out with the same people I did in high school. Visiting all the time, calling daily, etc. I want to meet new people and move on because I'm ready for that. That doesn't mean I don't want to ever see them again, it just means I probably will meet new people and hang out with them. And then when I see high school pals again it will be a sweet reunion! At first I'm sure I will be always talking to them and seeing how their life is like but after that I think we'll all part ways. Which is sad, yet exciting.
10- Lastly, I love logan. So much. It is BEAUTIFUL. I'm so excited to live there. I'm not really planning on moving back to St George either. I've had my time there. It will be fun to visit but I don't thing I'll live there ever again.

PS- Next year (Fall 2013) I'll be living in Portland for an exchange program through USU. I'm excited. Bri & Joe will still be living there so it will be great!

Next time I blog I will show you around my apartment! It should be really fun, so be excited.

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