This is the life.

I love college and it hasn't even started yet. I'll be honest, I'm probably going to unintentionally quit all my social networks. I'm just too busy and I don't really like it anyways. I don't really read anyones tweets, I skim over blog posts, and I never facebook so really I'm the worst at that kind of stuff. I pretty much tweet and blog purely for future reference to look back on. It's kind of like a fun journal. But now that I have a personal laptop, I can just use a word document and it rocks. Manually writing a lot of stuff makes my hands hurt. Now that that bunch of nonsense is over, some highlights:

-I met this girl McKelle. Yep, same name. Yep, same interests. Yep, we've already planned 3 backpacking trips. This girl rocks and we will have a blast. So happy because I was nervous about finding people with gear and crud.
-McCall is the best roommate ever. We're bad at doing homework but right now she's in the zone and I'm just blogging because I rock.
-My mom and dad just ask me if I miss them all the time and it makes my heart hurt. BUT I am having so much fun so it's ok.
-There is always something going on. Literally. I've been so busy going to dances, watching magicians, going on hikes (one was with this way cool author), and getting involved in clubs. And I've only been here for 2 days AND school hasn't even started yet so when it does I am just going to be doing all sorts of crazy stuff.
-I just really love Utah State. Everyone here is as nice as can be and into a lot of the same things. There is a USU ORP kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding activity on saturday and I am stoked. ORP is the best program on campus in my book.
-The bus system rocks my world.
-I have been bum loads of cool people.
-Two words: Attractive. Men.
-Our apartment is cute and our roommates are the coolest people in the world.
-I'm just really jazzed for school to start. I am so excited for my Economics class.
-I'm confused as to what to major in now. The plan was Accounting and Economics but I don't think I want to be a CPA. I want to major in Econ for sure but I was thinking about also minoring or double majoring in Wildlife Biology. It intrigues me and I love talking about it with people.
-Connections is really long but quite informative and I have met heaps and heaps of people.
-Aggie ice cream is yummy.
-My bed is oh so comfy.
-I want to knit slippers for winter.
-I'm tired.

Well, this post went downhill real fast. Short version: life rocks, I love being independent, Logan is the best of the best, USU is fun, and I've been busy.


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  1. Loved reading this! Annnd you can't get rid of your blog once school starts! That's a demand, Shmack! I need to stay updated with you so keep it ya bum! Plus, you're a great blogger :) love you!