Utah State.

First off, I love my school. SO MUCH. I am so busy with school and activities but still have loads of time for fun and I love every second of it.

-Week of Welcome: Pretty much USU's way of saying, "yep you chose the best school in the world". Free stuff all day every day (literally fed and given aggie ice cream daily and I have like 5 million pens, key chains, shirts, and other goods), really great local bands playing on the TSC patio, games on The Quad, day on the quad, the nicest people you'll ever meet, best dances you'll ever go to, Avengers on Old Main, first football game and so much more. I can't even handle it. Just 10s across the board.
-McCall rocks at being a roommate. Yesterday we shake-weighted together; just your normal roommate bonding is all. She picks out my outfits and it's awesome. She's the funniest person and we laugh at the most ridiculous things. I never get sick of her. It's crazy how we can be so different yet so similar and get along great! Yeah roommates!
-My other roommates are Cheyna, Andrea and Chelesa. They're the coolest and N-3 is the best apartment out there.
-They weren't kidding when they said college is the best time of your life.
-Logan is gorgeous. I fall more in love with it every day. And campus is my favorite part; I love going on campus. I wake up early just so I can walk around. Pretty obsessed? Yep. Proud of it.
-Our cheers rock. You know the "I believe" cheer? All USU. And the "winning team/losing team"? And there's one more but I can't remember. We beat slash slaughtered SUU 34 to 3. The Utah game is next week though and I'm stoked. Anyways, we're awesome and cheering is the funnest part. Greatest cheer of all time = The Scotsman, if you're curious.
-McKelle is still really cool (not me the other McKelle).
-Yesterday I was going into my Econ 1500 class and there were just hundred of attractive men leaving the classroom. They had beards and great hair. Not just one, all of them. They're my future husbands, all 100 of them. I need to register for whatever class that is.
-My thoughts are really scattered because it's late and I'm still sweaty from the 80s dance. Which PS was the best dance in the world.
-I love school. My classes rock. They all compliment each other which rocks.
-I got a new backpack for school and my back is in love with it. North Face can go straight to heaven for making the best packs in town.
-I got a package from Kenzie Condie. She rocks. It had baked goods, a note, and a cute bracelet that I will wear every day. Holler. I was as happy as can be. Who doesn't love a good package?

I love Aggies.
I love USU.
I love Logan.
I love my roommates.
My life is awesome. 
I'm really annoying and also in the oddest of moods.
Sorry. You can tell me about your school and I won't think you're dumb.
Actually I really enjoy looking at all my HS friends pictures and adventures. We're all grown up! Proud of us. 

PS - I'm poor.
PPS- My roommates are all leaving this weekend. Every one of them. So if you ever want to stop by, just do. McKelle and I are doing fun things though so thats good.
PPPS- Bye.


  1. You are my favorite person in the world!! Mckelle Boren = best roomie in the world!! Logan and Utah state is the best!!

  2. Technically is PPS. Not PSS. Because PS means Post-Script. So, if you are adding on again, then it need to be Post Post Script.


    Your adventures rock.