Right now I'm mad at myself. Why? Because I don't understand what I want to major in. I go through this phase every few months and reevaluate myself. Do I want to sit at a desk and do peoples taxes all day but be 100% financially secure and do what I love in the meantime? Or do I want to figure out something that I actually smile about. I'm thinking the latter. It's oh so frustrating.

Every time I tell someone close to me, whether it be a friend or family member, they give me this weird look when I say I'm majoring in accounting. Frankly, it is weird. It's not a position I see myself doing for however many years and I feel like I'll hate it. 

It's so hard to incorporate what you actually love to do into an actual occupation. What am I going to do.. have people pay me to hike, climb & backpack? Yeah in a fantasy world. I figured before that since I'm pretty decent at math that I could pull of the whole accounting thing. I don't anymore, or at least I think I don't. Now I'm just in that weird limbo stage where I don't know what to do with myself because I don't know what I'm interested in intellectually yet. If you have any ideas of what future McKelle Boren should do with her life let me know. Particularly something with variation, good taste and something I (and you) could see myself doing.

I JUST DON'T KNOW. And I hate being confused. And I don't want to waste years of school figuring it out. And I don't want to waste money. And I'm mad. And I know I'm just a freshman, but still.

All-in-all, I would really appreciate some help.


  1. Definitely go with something you love!! I'm not sure what the job title is but my sister in laws brother does therapy in the outdoors. So for example he will take teenagers rock climbing and while they are in the process of climbing/on the rock he will get them talking and that is where he councils them. Pretty cool if you ask me, and who would have even known that was an option! I'm sure there is something out there for you and it is so worth the risk! haha sorry that was a long comment, good luck!

  2. I wouldn't even worry about not knowing what you are going to do! I still don't know for sure. Recreational therapy what Maddi mentioned above is what I have been looking at going into lately! It really is getting paid to be outside. Yeah, I've heard it can be a bit taxing and hard to handle sometimes but it's a sweet set up. You should definitely look into it!