It's ok, it's alright.

Let me tell you about all of these predicaments I'm in:
-Financial aid came through but I have to wait a few days and then I need to buy a laptop. The dilemma is the wait. You see, I'm a pretty impatient person.
-I want climbing & more b-pack gear more than a laptop but school is the real deal and that's just rough. I can't wait until I have a real job.
-School and school activities get in the way of my fun time. I mean they're both awesome but I wish I was two people so I could do all the fun things in the whole world at the same time.
-I have to keep telling myself I hate climbing gyms because The Rock Haus is taking a serious dive into my bank account. But then my conscience retaliates by saying it's worth it. There goes that plan. (PS I would love a few more climbing pals in Logan, if you know anyone in the area give them a holler and tell them I'm interested in taking advantage of them & their gear).
-Got a 70% on my math test. I didn't even know what grade that was. It's a C if you're wondering. That sucks kids.
-Buying food is fun but my bank account hates food.
-I'm no longer poor. Holla. Still don't have a job but I'm not poor.
-I think I did really well on my Poli Sci paper. Cool eh?
-My moms birthday was a couple days ago. Love my mom. She really is great, everyone loves the Pegster. One day I'll be cool like her.
-I have a hard time waking up. Even though my classes are pretty late in the day, considering they could be at some inconceivable hour like 730.
-Some of my SI leaders bug me, and others I absolutely love. All-in-all, they're a lot smarter than me.
-Words with friends stresses me out.
-Charlie's ice cream still rocks.
-Chalk dances are the bees knees & Call and I are straight up wild. Dance like nobody's watching, right?
-McCall still talks in her sleep and I uncontrollably laugh every time. The other night she asked, "Are you.. Are you going to.. Stay?" Yes McCall, I'm going to stay.

I wish you all good days and odd (or not so odd) predicaments.

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  1. I LOVE YOU. So much. Your so cute. Keep loving College.