The worst roommate.

Me. I am. Why? Because I'm never there, all I do is school, if I do something fun it usually includes not being at my apartment and so I hardly ever hang out with them. I wasn't kidding when I said I am the worst. When I wrote on our white board for our roommates to stop leaving on the weekend (I was kidding; they left for good reasons), Call replied with "you're never here anyways". Touche. If you 4 are reading this, I'm legitimately sorry and I will be better next week. I promise!

As for McCall, she is the best roommate. She leaves the light on so I can study while she sleeps, she switches me dinner days, and she does the funniest things which makes for a great time all the time. Oh and she's the definite favorite in apartment N3. I love her.

Life's good but once this week is over I will cry out of pure joy. Three exams you guys. Exams that determine a good part of my grade. AWESOME.

Some other things:
Yesterday I saw a long and bright green laser in the sky so obviously I assumed I was going to be abducted by aliens and after my exciting day at the library, I was pretty happy about it. Then I realized, the laser was coming from the engineering lab and they were probably just having fun. It was wild nonetheless.

I have this weird ache in my back and it needs help.

I had 2.5 pieces of cake yesterday around midnight when I got home. I justified it by saying I deserved it.

I see this girl that I beat in tennis on the daily and each time she gives me this death glare and it is odd. How do I see her so much, you ask? She works at the dang bookstore.

I got my swag back. Literally. The van is now mine once again. To be honest, I'm quite happy about it. Not having a car is so restrictive.

Saturday was the football game against UNLV and we won 35-17, I think. It was a white out so we looked real fresh out there on the stands.

Call and I scored tickets to conference at church. They gave us them in a set of three so naturally we thought of Abbey Hafen to come with us. I'm so excited, it's my first time.

That reminds me. Also in church, McCall and I couldn't stop laughing at the most ridiculous things during testimony meeting and it was just BAD. I felt like a horrible person. Everything was funny. If you're wondering, McCall makes the funniest faces when nobody is looking and I laugh every time.

Fall is about the prettiest thing on this earth. There's a picture I took while on the road, right before I reached Logan. Love this place.

(excuse the horrible quality)

I've never seen colors like that before. I love them.

We take white-outs seriously here at USU.

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  1. Oh my gosh I love you so much! Who's going to be the one laughing when you get straight A's? You are! You are the best roommate! Don't even fret about it! We all love you! I'm not sure what faces I make I'd like to know all about that.. So excited for conference!