I spent the majority of my Saturday at The Big Agg Show. It rocked my world 5 times over and was kind of like a free music festival with the raddest local Utah bands, free food, cactus coolers, and the funnest people. In a few songs Eyes Lips Eyes, Toy Bombs, The Mighty Sequoyah, and The Moth & The Flame collaborated together and that was all sorts of cool. We danced like maniacs, we sang like wannabe vocalists, we heard some pretty angelic voices and we loved every bit of it. McCall and I had a grand time. Aggie Radio put the whole shabang together and I respect them like mad now. They usually have one a year but this year there's two so that rocks.

It's as cool as it looks, and that's not even all of the bands/vocalists.
Love my school. Life is truly the best. See ya in a week.

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