It's a great day to love music.

Let me just tell you a 10 reasons why I'm mad really fast. This is impulse blogging at it's finest-- don't judge me.
1- I don't have a job.
2- Still don't have a job.
3- I've got a solid $200 to my name.
4- No food is in the house. (This one's okay though because my moms visiting and bring me grub.)
5- I had a temporary job, but it fell through because I don't have my actual Social Security card. I did literally everything in my power to make this stupid job work out. GR.
6- I have spent 8+ hours trying to find jobs/applying for jobs. Boy do I wish I would have came up earlier.
7- USU isn't a part of that program that lets me go to PSU for a semester/year anymore. (The one that I talked about in a previous post.) So the plan is to just move to Eugene and go to University of Oregon for my Junior and Senior year. Bri and Joe, and maybe Natalie, will be only an hour away so it will be a joyful family affair.
8- Financial Aid still hasn't gone through.
9- I don't have a job.
10- I don't have a job.

Case in point, I don't have a job. Or money. Holler to all the poor college kids out there.

Let's uplift this post a little by telling some fun happy facts about today/this week.
1- Some of the very classics of my favorite styles of music came out with new albums. Namely The XX, Sea Wolf, Cat Power, Calexico, Avett Brothers and others. Made today much much better.
2- I made a great playlist in honor of my morning strolls up to campus.
3- Realized I bought tickets to Head & the Heart awhile ago for next weekend. Holla.
4- MY MOMS COMING TO VISIT. For once I am genuinely glad my mom is a psycho runner.
5- I love my classes still.
6- It's starting to get a little colder.
7- Roommates rock.
8- Had Charlie's ice cream with Call today. Best ice cream on planet earth? YEP. Logan is the place for ice cream, I'm telling you it's the goods.

Cool. Well I hope you all have happy days ahead. And I hope you have money and a job because it's no fun without.

Till next time.


  1. Holler. No money is a really crappy thing.

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  3. I feel ya! My tuition ended up costing 800 more then I planned. My savings went down the drain and I literally have 10 dollars to my name. Don't fret I do have a job and will be getting paid soon. You'll find one, I'm sure of it. I went to Charlies on Saturday and it was awesome! You're awesome. Good luck with the dreadful financial part of college!