I'm that girl.

I've had a lot of moments lately where I think to myself, "Ah crud-- I'm that girl." Like the time when I..

-Dropped all of my free popcorn on the TSC Patio while cool people were playing music. Who's the worst? I'm the worst.
-Tripped over a dang traffic sign. To make things worse, it was right after the USU vs U of U game so there were loads of people.
-Paced back and forth in the Biology building trying to find my class. People were laughing at me/with me.
-Went up and down the stairs of the library just because it was fun. I LOVE THE LIBRARY. It deserves all caps, I love it that much.
-Whiffed the ball at my first tennis club practice. I was rusty, alright?
-Asked if I could print in the computer lab when there was a sign right in front of my face. Come on, it's a computer lab. Of course you can print. I'm an idiot.
-Added this kid on Facebook on accident. I mean, that is bad enough. Worst part is, I see him everywhere. There are around 24,999 other people on this campus, this is ridiculous. I wouldn't mind if he was totally attractive but he's just not.
-Bought the solutions math book instead of the actual book. Swear words.
-Went to the wrong bus stop, and got on the wrong bus all in one day. I rock.
-Went ballistic when we beat Utah and did weird dances. That one was okay though because everyone was doing it. I blended semi-well.
-Yelled to my roommate and asked if she liked this boy named Jeff while she's answering the door. Jeff was the one at the door guys. He heard me, I was embarrassed, she was embarrassed, he was embarrassed. It was super rad.
-Met this curly-haired cool cat and decided to ask him if I could touch his hair mid-conversation. I love curly hair.
-Clipped all the clips on my backpack and looked like a nerd. It's okay though because I am a nerd. Through and through. Not one of those cute nerds, just a real one that likes school and lots of other things.
-Mistook a canoe for a kayak. It was a long day, I was tired, but it was still super embarrassing. I've been in a canoe and a kayak numerous times. Just one of those moments.
-Instagrammed, Tweeted, and Facebooked the same picture SIX TIMES. You know how on Instagram you can select if it goes to Twitter & Facebook? I did that, and I never do that. I was super excited we beat Utah so naturally I had to tell the whole entire world. Well, that backfired.

..and the list goes on & on. It makes me laugh.


  1. This was a great post. GREAT. Mrkl, I miss you. FaceTime soon? I've got some terribly funny stories too. Love you.