I love school.

I've developed this fascination with learning new things. I love school. My classes are the worlds best and my professors are so into their subjects and I love that. I'm taking a Political Science class and Professor Lyons has seriously made me a better person. I want to be involved and know about the world. It's more adventurous and exciting that way. Instead of being scared of what's ahead, I'm excited and ready. I also love being able to intelligently talk to a person about a certain subject. It is my absolute favorite thing & it is the best feeling knowing what you're talking about. Love that.

I've always loved listening to the news and national geographic; things that are informative. It's so interesting. Today in class we talked about how the net worth of a person in a society is how they involve themselves and what they do. If they are a homebody, or if they are adventurous, if they are passive or if they are assertive.

Social sciences interest me so much and it just so happens that 3/4 of my classes this semester are social sciences: Sociology, Political Science, and Economics.

If I have one piece of advise for any of you, it would be to take classes you enjoy. That includes generals. Yes, here and there you will probably have to take a class you absolutely hate. I'm no expert (I am a freshman), but you definitely have options for generals. There are criteria, but you pretty much pick all of your classes for your benefit (besides English and Math). It rocks.

Enough of that, it was Call's birthday yesterday! First off, she came home!!!! (I was real lonely, ok? Try going 3 days with no one in your apartment. It sucks way bad.) We made her a cake and sang. Then we watched boy meets world. And holy fudge, do I love that show.

The gist: school really is cool, talking intelligently about a subject is one of my favorite things, my professors. rock, and McCall came home and we celebrated.


  1. Yay for being home! Thanks for the cake:) It was delicious!