The best day.

Saturday/Friday night all of my roommates left me. I miss them but I did have a great ol' time with McKelle. (Reminder- I am not talking in 3rd person. She is real I promise.)

September 1st was the best day up here yet. Sequence of events:

-Scurried over to McKelle's apartment.
-Went to the Farmers Market. It was so great! Home-grown, organic and home-made food galore, topped with beautiful paintings and magical smells. Going every Saturday, no doubt.
-Shopped on Federal Avenue. My favorite place is Global Village. It's a non-profit company who sells goods from different third-world countries and sends the money back to the people so they can have a living for themselves. They have the cutest things there too.
-Drove to Rumbi for some great sweet potato fries.
-Saw a truck shaped as a hot dog. It was odd, yet fascinating at the same time. Not a huge fan of hot dogs, but I am a huge fan of that truck.
-Ate Twizleberry, which is by far the best frozen yogurt out there. I don't know why it tastes so great.
-Drove around Main Street and other charming roads.
-Went to McKelle's grandmas. She is so cute.
-Logan temple is gorgeous.
-Went back to my apartment only to find that the dead bolt on my door doesn't unlock. I had to break in through the window. Definitely the funniest part of the day. McKelle had to give me a boost up and people gave us weird looks. It was real great.
-Got my Nalgene bottle, a jacket, and headed out to Logan canyon.
-Campus is extremely close to the canyon and I love that. In 5 minutes we were at the trailhead.
-Usually I don't say much about my hikes, because it's nothing really out of the ordinary routine, but this one was in my top 5 favorites. And that is saying something right there. So beautiful and the rain/mist in the canyon made it that much more fun. McKelle and I had a blast.
-After we stopped at the beautiful views, had deep talks about pretty much everything and slip down the muddy slope, we came back soaking wet and super muddy. I loved it.
-Came back to my apartment, showered and changed, and then went back over to McKelle's.
-We drove to Nibley, about 15 minutes from Logan, and arrived at her house for dinner. If you're wondering what my dream house would be, it's hers! It is so gorgeous, I couldn't even handle it. It is surrounded by trees so the smell in her home was the dream.
-I met her cute family and her parents were so so nice. Her little sisters took me out in their yard and showed me their outdoor house (literally outdoors). They showed me the "rooms" that were more like grass in the middle of multiple trees. It was great. I love her family! So fun.
-We had a delicious dinner and it reminded me how malnourished I am. I just don't eat a lot, I forget. I'll set some timers and maybe that'll do the trick.
-We went to her apartment and watched a movie and slept. No way was I going to sleep in my apartment with nobody in it.

(global village)

(crimson trail/china wall)

(McKelle's cute house)

It was the best day. After that hike I was so rejuvenated and I felt on top of the world; it was just what I needed. 

I wish you all the best of days.

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